Exquisitely hand-crafted floral bridal accessories for today's bride.

Welcome to the world of Blossom Beach - floral accessory designs!

From a very young age, I was drawn to the creative arts. My paternal grandmother, whom I shared a birthday with, was a talented seamstress and painter. I truly believe I inherited my love and creative talent from her.

Over the years my creative talent and passion evolved. My greatest passion lies primarily in surface design, but I have found great joy in creating beauty in many forms (gardening, floral design, couture beading, embroidery, hand and machine sewing, pattern drafting/design, fashion illustration, photography, upholstery, interior design, painting and drawing).

I have always appreciated the beauty life has to offer. For many years I was essentially self-taught until I became aware of a College diploma program offered in 'Textile Art and Design'. With a soul deep love of textiles and art, I felt it was my destiny. A calling I knew I had to respond to. It truly was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

At the time I was working for the University of British Columbia (which I had for 8 years) when I made this decision. I sold my car and moved in with my boyfriend to afford the tuition. It was a huge decision at the time, but I was beyond happy once I was enrolled in the program. I had complete reassurance that I did the right thing right from the start.

Upon graduating, I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do with my new found knowledge and skills so that I could make a living. So while I figured that out, I returned to the University to work for a couple more years. Marriage/children changed a few plans for that 'art career'. Once I had both my children I found the desire to work from home became paramount. That wasn't going to happen with my current position.

So, I left the university once again and made the decision to move out of Vancouver to a smaller city with our 3 yr and 5 mth old to begin a new
quieter life (where my husband found a excellant career opportunity).

Since it was now affordable for me to work from home, I began to consider possible career choices that would work with my stay-at-home life and fulfill my love of creating something beautiful.

Happenstance allowed my new business to blossom. I was at a hair salon getting my hair done for an event where another client was having her hair also done. She brought in a flower for her hairstyle. It was so lovely in her hair that I desired one too. But of course, the salon didn't sell them. I thought to myself "I'm sure I can make that". I immediately saw a niche and began to experiment with designs.

What started out as creating hair flowers for special events slowly evolved into mostly wedding and bridal accessories. I do create for any occasion should a client wish something other than bridal.

As I was being asked for more and more accessory styles, I kept experimenting, adding to and evolving my designs. The creative mind never sleeps and so I continue to create something new almost every day. It calms my soul.

As I began to create these flowers I used whatever fabrics I could find. Initially it was fabric/lace donated from my inherited grandmother's supply, which also happened to include her vintage jewelry. As I have always been drawn to past eras and vintage finds I loved the idea of adding something old into each design. I encourage clients to pick something that means something to them and add it into the piece I am creating fior them.

Eventually, I required specific colors and fabrics so I began to seek out new materials. I also love the idea of re-purposing/re-using materials and adding that nostalgic feel. I am very fortunate to be given donated cuttings from designer wedding gowns that are cast-offs from alterations. Materials I could never find or even afford to purchase in the beginning. Now my designs are a combination of new, re-used new materials and vintage finds.

My perfectionism has finally proven useful as I strive to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces with great attention to detail and precision craftsmanship to the best of my ability. Nothing leaves my 'shop' unless 'perfect' in my eyes.

I truly hope that what you see reflects that, and that you are as thrilled to own and wear my accessories as I am to create them. As I believe creativity comes from the soul, it is often difficult to part with the pieces. I am always thrilled to receive photos from brides wearing my pieces on their special day, full of smiles and joy reflected back.

Since beginning my business in early 2014, I have continued to grow as an artist and as a business. I am now blessed with the means to sell to individual clients from around the world, thanks to my ETSY shop, social media and new website. My pieces are now in 7 bridal salons in BC and Alberta, and seen in styled photos in bridal magazines.

I promise to continue to evolve and expand my creations and fulfill the desires of my many clients.